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I personally am fine with the occasional links to stuff you put on ebay, since you actively participate in everything else, and as long as this doesn't become so common that it becomes the Jason Nuttall Show, LOL. I love your work (having bought s Sergio Print from you), but of course if others complain then it would be only right to cease and desist. Still, you do this only a couple of times a year, so my vote is that it is fine! 

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Hey, you mendicants!!!
Jason here from sunny ol' Michigan.  I just want to explain that if my posts about my art on sale is an annoyance, I apologize.  My thinking is that I want the Groop first chance at the work and hope to find a fellow classic rock/blues fan out there.
 Plus, I was forced out of my job and quit this week.  I'm trying to get my art career kicked into high gear.  
Has anyone attempted to do a documentary on Sergio or Sergio working on a Groo series?  I think that around the time of Eisner awards, cons, and what-not would be neat.Talk to friends and colleagues of Sergio, fans at cons, tape him at work.  Follow him during the Groo/Conan miniseries, maybe?  
  With his great personality, charm and talent, and the flood of fans and friends, I think it would be a great project.  I would LOVE to do something like that, but I live clear across the country and have no money.   He could give his insight, advice and there would be a history bio area.  
waddya think????

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