[Groop] Victory!!!

Gary Grossmann grossfamm at comcast.net
Sun Jul 6 18:31:02 PDT 2008

Hi Folks!
I am Declaring Victory over the Ants!!   
This despite the fact that they openned several new fronts, including under my driveway during the battle.  However, I do not think the reason they are essentially gone is because I poured boiling water and/or boiling sugared borax and/or ammonia on them, dug them up, relocated them, smoked them, torched them, or, in the case of the ones under my driveway, entombed them with concrete (bwuhahahaha!!) No, I think I inadvertently scared the ants that were left into moving.     
You see, as I mentioned, while battling the ants I have also been chopping down a multi-stalked maple tree (while trying not to destroy the shed it is right next to).  In addition, a big tree fell down last winter at the back of my little acre and I chopped down another one that was dead. With so much wood to cut up to replenish my greatly depeleted firewood supply I decided to finally give into common sense (!!) and for the very first time in my life I used a chainsaw.   
So I think the surviving ants saw me coming towards them and thought "Oh my god! Now he's coming at us with a chainsaw!!  That's it! We're outta here!!"  (At least that's my current theory)   
But regardless of the how, the ants are gone.  Yay!

Some of you have requested photos of the War Zone.  I'll send them to Eric and he can post them.  (He's always willing to do that cuz he's a great guy.)  
Take care all
Gary G.
"The Road to Simplicity is Complicated" 
PS  I don't know which is more amazing:  That the ants are gone or that I didn't cut my leg off with the chainsaw.  

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