[Groop] Bad News & Worse News

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Tue Jul 22 18:34:29 PDT 2008


Sorry to hear the bad news about Mrs. G.  Just reading
the description is enough to make a person cringe.
Hope she has a quick and complete recovery!

You'll be missed at the Comic Con, but you're doing the
right thing!


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Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 00:29:49 -0700
Subject: [Groop] Bad News & Worse News

Hi Folks,
The bad news is that I will not be attending the 
San Diego Con this year.  The worse news is that the reason I won't be 
attending is because the Long Suffering Mrs. G. took a very nasty fall tonight 
and busted her shoulder all to heck. (Like broken for real in at least three 
places!)  It was just one of those freak things. 
So of course I will be staying home and taking care 
of her with the help of Claire (aka, Claire Bear, aka the Bestest Daughter in 
the Known Universe).  
Sorry that I will not be able to track down a 
handful of the Special Con MAD Magazines, but maybe George or Eric or The 
Kunster can get a few of 'um.   
Anywho, I just thought I'd let you all know so that 
those of you who are attending would not be shocked by my non-appearance.  

Take care all,
Gary G. 

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