[Groop] Hat Delivery

Chad Riden chadmriden at mac.com
Fri Jun 13 09:40:22 PDT 2008

> Super kudos to the Grossman!

Agreed.. I don't know of anyone else who has selflessly done so much  
for such a large group of people. If Darkhorse even *thinks* about  
putting a Groo on a promotional item, Gary already has plans to get a  
box of 'em and distribute them to the Groop.. and for that I'm very  
grateful. Gary is getting close to becoming the Mother Teresa of The  

  I got a new wireless router for my house and decided to re-do all my  
wireless settings.. naming the network "Groo." I'm sure you can guess  
how well it's performing. The connection gets dropped several times a  
day and I constantly have to cycle power on the router to get it back  
up. It was a bad idea, as any fool can plainly see. This weekend, I'll  
restore it to factory settings and set up the wireless network again,  
naming it "Rufferto."


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