[Groop] Hat Delivery

Owens, Gabriel R JO2/E-5, CNRC N00 gabriel.owens at navy.mil
Fri Jun 13 09:26:25 PDT 2008

Even though I didn't ask for a hat, I want to again express that Gary is
one of greatest human beings I've had the pleasure of meeting and
interacting with.  Your tireless work for a bunch of people, many you
only know through email and shared love of a comic book, is amazing.

Super kudos to the Grossman!


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Hi Folks! 

I am so glad to hear that the hats are arriving safe and sound and that
the Tyvek Evelope/Peanut Padding worked in protecting them.  Thank you
for your thank yous, which I will pass onto Sergio, and you are all
very, very welcome (and very patient!)  

If you do not receive your hat(s) by the end of next week, please let me
know.  I mailed them off last Saturday and in some cases the delivery
has been very fast, but I know some places consistently take klonger
than you would think or hope.  

Take care all, 

Gary G. 


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