[Groop] Hey everyone!

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Hi Rocky!  
Welcome to the Groop!  We actually do talk about Groo most of the time
(and not ants) but you never know what might come up.  
Mark Evanier is hooked up to us and keeps us posted on the latest Groo
news.  And we answer Groo questions and help each other get Groo stuff
and file reports on going to Cons to see Sergio and other members of the
Groo Crew.  We also get very silly.  Very Silly is an important part of
Groop communication.  
So welcome aboard,
Gary G. 


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My name is Rocky Bradley and I've been reading Groo since I was a
kid(I'm 32 now).  I just recently stumbled across the Groop and am very
excited about talking to other Groo fans and hopefully those of you that
are involved in the creative process.  I recently filled in the holes in
my collection and have been rereading the series.  So far I've made it
up to # 41(Granny Groo!).  I am currently a full time student  so my
reading time is limited to one or two issues per day, but I'm having a
blast!  2 years of school left then hopefully I will be able to make it
out to one of the conventions that Sergio attends so I can thank him for
all of the laughs!
Rocky Bradley


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