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Sun Jun 22 06:23:10 PDT 2008


Wow, that is actually fast for me. I am still reading through my 
collection for the first time and have just now gotten to #111!

Vaughn Seward
A Groo Savourer

Kenneth Bradley wrote:
> My name is Rocky Bradley and I've been reading Groo since I was a 
> kid(I'm 32 now).  I just recently stumbled across the Groop and am 
> very excited about talking to other Groo fans and hopefully those of 
> you that are involved in the creative process.  I recently filled in 
> the holes in my collection and have been rereading the series.  So far 
> I've made it up to # 41(Granny Groo!).  I am currently a full time 
> student  so my reading time is limited to one or two issues per day, 
> but I'm having a blast!  2 years of school left then hopefully I will 
> be able to make it out to one of the conventions that Sergio attends 
> so I can thank him for all of the laughs!
> Rocky Bradley
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