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not as odd as my aunt in the kitchen.  That's disaster!
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  What I want to know is how odd is the ant in the kitchen? I mean, is it really strange and how can you tell?


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  > Well, I see your point, Philippe,  but it really does work.  I've been in 
  > this house for 18 years now, and for the first 12 or so years we had an ant 
  > invasion/infestation in the kitchen regularly.  In the warmer months they 
  > were strongest.  They seemed to love the dishwasher in particular, and were 
  > always found on the kitchen counters, sinks, floor, walls, cat food, etc. 
  > Now I'm a bit of an environmentalist, so I tried everything  short of 
  > insecticides to get rid of them. I even used insecticidal baits on the 
  > outside and inside, all with very limited results.   Generally I will live 
  > harmoniously with them, so long as they stay outside.  My father (who owned 
  > the place until he died) who is by no means an environmentalist, called 
  > professional exterminators several times and sprayed countless bottles of 
  > poison around himself, also without success.  I searched the internet and 
  > other sources high and low, tried all kinds of crazy tricks, from feeding 
  > them coffee grounds to drawing chalk borders (which supposedly they will not 
  > cross - but they did).  Finally we found Terro.  Pour a nickel sized drop on 
  > a small piece of cardboard and place it near their trails.  Within a few 
  > minutes they are all gathered around the drop lapping it up like cows at a 
  > trough.  Replace the drop as they use it up.  After a few days- no ants. 
  > Amazing.  Now its true that you can never kill them all this way, you just 
  > put the colony out of commission for awhile.  It either rebuilds with a new 
  > queen or another colony replaces it.  So there have been periodic 
  > recurrences (which is why I used it many times).  These recurrences happen 
  > no more than twice a year, but never on the scale on which they once 
  > happened.  So I get the Terro out again, and poof!, the ants are gone again. 
  > I still see an odd ant in the kitchen from time to time (especially in the 
  > hot weather that we had last week) as they come in to get cool and find 
  > moisture in the sink, but one or two hear and there is easily dealt with by 
  > a slight amount of pressure between my finger and the surface on which the 
  > ant is walking.  I find it is good practice to kill these scouts as they are 
  > the ones who report back to the colony. All in all, I'm happy with Terro, 
  > and I can live in an (mostly) ant free home.
  > Well now you all know my history (abridged) with ants.  Hope I didn't bore 
  > you all to death.  But Philippe, you did ask.


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