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>>Try Terro. It is poison,but you  only have to use a little bit.  Its a 
syrup that you pour a drop on a  small card, then the ants lap it up.  Within a 
day or two...no more ants.  They feed it to the queen and she dies.  As goes the 
queen, so goes the  colony.  I've used this successfully myself many times.

We have "multi-queen colonies" here in S. Calif... and they may have spread  
up the coast to Washington by now.... They're "Argentinian ants". Killing one  
queen doesn't have any lasting effect-- barely slows down ant production-- 
the  other queens step up production until a new queen is ready. Kill the 
workers...  and the "guest worker" program goes into effect until the  queen makes 
more of her own. They've pretty much squeezed out/killed  off native Calif ants 
in places the colonies have developed, and that in  turn has caused other 
eco-problems. Groo-ant is needed here....
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