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To The Groop From the Son of Dessessbo:

Groop members should also understand, if it hasn't been discussed already, that this is a showdown 20+ years in the making, merely another grand chapter in a long and glorious rivalry between Dad and the ants.  With the playing field long since tipped in the ants favor with the banning of a vaunted secret weapon (Diazanon--nasty ant poison, but deemed too toxic sometime in the early '90s, I think), and a tradition of taunting in the form of slugs and firecrackers (Dad) and kitchen raids (ants), this is a backyard version of Lakers-Celtics--an ancient rivalry once again vaulted to center stage.  I'm not sure a short YouTube clip could really do it justice--text permits the reader to absorb the history, the tradition, the, um...majesty?

Peter G.
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  Hey PB!

  Thank you for your fabulous you-are-indeed-a-son-of-mine response to the ant message.

  Unfortunately, it did not go to the Groop and I just remembered why.  You have to be a groop member.  Doh!

  And now the message is at work!  Send it here and I'll forward it to the Groop.  
  Gotta go take a nap

  Love, The Dad
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