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Larry Steller mrgrooism at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 23 12:09:10 PDT 2008

Let's see, if Gary glues the cocktail sword-picks to all of his fingers and toes, and he enlists the aid of the long-suffering Mrs. G and their 3 kids, then that's 100 cocktail sword-picks ready to fray! 

He could then enlist the aid of about 900 rival mercenary ants and arm them with cocktail sword picks. All he has to do is promise to relocate surviving mercenaries to ME's backyard, which has piles and piles of ant food (erroneously labeled "cat food" somehow) that he puts out every night! Riches for the brave mercenaries! It could work, I tell ya!

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> Larry,
> You do realize that link you sent for the cocktail
> sword-picks was for  
> a box of 1000, right?!
> Gary is only one man, who could possibly wield two swords
> effectively  
> or perhaps 20 ineffectively if he glued/taped them to his
> fingers and  
> toes. Therefore, if by chance just a couple of scout ants
> discovered  
> Gary's cache of excess swords, Gary would surely be
> done for. Ants can  
> carry a lot of weight and they have six legs, which they
> could  
> potentially glue the swords to!
> Not only that, but the swords come in different colors,
> which means  
> the ants could much more easily wage an effective strategy
> against  
> Gary with different regiments wielding different colored
> swords.
> _TONE_
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