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Grossmann, Gary (DOR) GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
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Is this the earliest drawn Groo on record?


No.  The earliest drawing of Groo on record is May, 1977, on the cover
of SCENE Magazine, the magazine published by the California State
University at Northridge's school of Journalism. There is another
drawing inside.  Sergio's nephew was going to the school at the time and
the nephew interviewed Sergio for an assignment.  The nephew has the
original art. You used to be able to see on the school web site, but I
don't think it's there anymore.  I might have a scan of it somewhere.  


The school doesn't have any extras because when the Northridge
earthquake hit in 1989, asbestos came out of the walls and all the
extras had to be tossed.  Classic Groo.  There are only a few copies
known to exist, but more might surface if finding the first published
drawing of Groo became a bigger deal.  


There are a handful of Groo drawings from 1980 or 1981 floating around
and when they show up for sale or auction the price is always way too
high for me.  Sergio started drawing Groo in the mid 70's.  Most of one
of the stories in the Eclipse Groo Special was drawn in 1977.  In fact,
one of the pages in the middle of that story is actually the first Groo
page according to Sergio, and was drawn as a one page gag.  


That's about all I know.  


-Gary G.  (Amateur Groo Historian at Large) 


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Is this the earliest drawn Groo on record?




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