[Groop] The Big Fight at the National in NYC

Greg Craill grooless at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 04:41:45 PST 2008

Oh you Americans - soooooo silly !



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> By now you probably have hard about ME and I having a bit of a scuffle
> at The National, so I just want to set the record straight. Well, first
> of all nobody was arrested, but I was asked to leave the Convention. It
> was just regular security that escorted me out, not the cops.
>>From the beginning, I guess Mark and I both kind of got out of hand. We
> were just talking about various things, Groo stuff and the election and
> Sally Forth and lord knows what else. Someone who's a big fan of his
> blog brought up the clip from the Dick Van Dyck show that Mark posted
> recently, and all I said was that I thought the show was over-rated.
> Mark thinks it's genius, but really I never found it to be funny at
> all, especially the stupid Walnuts episode that he was going on about
> ad nauseum!
> Anyway, it got a bit heated, we were both being very sarcastic and I
> said some things that I probably should regret, about Van Dyck and
> about his sense of humor in general. I'm sure Mark regrets what HE
> said, at least he SHOULD, anyway, next thing I knew Mark was taking a
> swing at me and we both sort of ended up rolling around on the ground.
> I did sort of lose a tooth, but it was loose already. Somehow I came
> off as the bad guy since Irwin Hasen said I started it, which isn't
> true at all.
> Anyway, don't believe everything you hear. I'm sure Mark will want to
> tell his side, but really, it's a free country, my opinion is just as
> good as his.
> Anyway, even though they kicked me out yesterday I paid for today and
> will damned well be going. I'm sure Mark will take this opportunity to
> apologize properly, we'll go from there. Maybe I'll bring him a walnut!
> Sorry for all of the drama! Ignore the media reports. Thanks!
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