[Groop] I've been a bad boy.

Tone Tone at cranksgiving.net
Wed Dec 9 04:37:14 PST 2009


	A bad influence!? How could I be a bad influence? My phone service was
down for the last week and I get internet through my phone line via DSL

so I was off-line for several days. Therefore my imparting of knowledge
through my customary “in depth” e-mails could not have prompted anyone
else to respond in similar length.
 maybe my negative perception of your “bad influence”
terminology has been misinterpreted. One could theorize my fellow Groop
members have been deprived of my enthusiastic insights, and as a result
have attempted to fill the canyon-of-a-void with their own struggles at
expanded typographic discussion. Maybe your usage of the word “Bad” was
meant to be depicted in a positive context, as if to convey “bad” as
defined as “urban coolness”.
	If not
 well then I will not even bother to contribute one of my
traditional extensively enriched responses.
	And to think I was considering whether to make my next post a photo essay
of the felt “Minstrel” soft-sculpture, which my wife lovingly made me so
the previously-made Groo and Rufferto sculptures would not get lonely. I
guess that might have to wait too... I would hate to be a bad influence
on other people, and have them start sharing photos of their Groo-related

Moral -
	Either talk softly and carry a big stick, or do not talk at all and carry
two big swords so no one can call you a fool if you do start talking.


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