[Groop] Happy Birthday Groo!

elisiaone.iwon elisiaone at iwon.com
Thu Dec 10 16:41:58 PST 2009

When is Groo's birthday?  Why not today?  Happy birthday Groo!  Oh, you too Gabe and Gary's daughter.  Here's your present Gabe, which is the e-mail you sent only to me instead of the Groop:

Date:12/08/2009 09:40 PMFrom:"Gabe Owens" <recharge138 at gmail.com>Subject:Re: [Groop] GrooTo:"elisiaone.iwon" <elisiaone at iwon.com>
Truthfully, I also chalked it up to "against my politics so it sucks" kinda thing.  Mark, you should really write a few hippie bashing stories to even things out.

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On Dec 8, 2009, at 6:19 PM, "elisiaone.iwon" <elisiaone at iwon.com>; wrote:

> The only people who don't like the new Groo are republicans and/or  
> mendicants.
> Groo movie=Groovie as in I can't wait for the Groovie!
> Tarzan vs. Groo=Targroo, Groozan
> Conan vs. Groo=Groonan, Cogroo
> I want a Groo 1:
> http://www.tfaw.com/Keyscaper/Search/_results_adultfilter_search=T/_results_available_search=all_with_out_of_stock/_results_limit_search=30/_results_ordercombo_search=title_desc/_results_start_at_search=30/_results_title_search=Keyscaper
> Grooly,
> Eli Stamp

I would've given u an ipod, but it appears u already have 1.

Eli Stamp

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