[Groop] Happy Birthday Groo!

Gary Grossmann grossfamm at comcast.net
Thu Dec 10 18:58:40 PST 2009

Hi Folks!

Groo's birthday.  Hmmm.  Well of course the first published Groo story came 
out in February*, 1982, although there were a few Groo drawings that showed 
up in obscure publications no one but me cares about as far back as May, 
1977, and alot of what's in the 1984 Eclipse Special was drawn in 1977.

I guess you could say Groo was born in February, 1982, but he had a long 
gestation period.  Or you could say that Groo is like many wandering, 
formerly illiterate barbarians.  He has no idea when he was born!  And being 
Groo, he can't even narrow down how many years its been!  ("I think I'm 32. 
Or maybe more.  Maybe 27!")

Sage probably knows, but he ain't telling!  Take care all,

Gary G. (Groo Birthdayologist at large)

*Mark has sometimes been quoted a saying Destrpyer Duck came out in 1981. 
Maybe it did.  The indicia info for the publication itself says Vol 1, No. 
1, 1982 and all of the contributing artists says copyright 1982.  But comic 
publications often come out way before the "official" date printed in the 
book.  Unfortunately, that written date is really all you can go by.  Also, 
it doesn't say February in the publication.  And I don't remember where I 
got February as the month.  But that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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> When is Groo's birthday? Why not today? Happy birthday Groo! Oh, you too 
> Gabe and Gary's daughter. Here's your present Gabe, which is the e-mail 
> you sent only to me instead of the Groop:

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