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Wed Dec 16 14:33:38 PST 2009

Alright you mendicants and witches, it's time for the First Annual GROO Holiday Game!

1.  Which character from the world of Groo (other from Groo) would you most like to have over for Holiday Dinner and why?
2.  What ideal gift, if you were Santa in Groo's world, would you leave under your character's tree this year? (the character mentioned above).
3.  How many of Santa's elves do you think Groo would accidentally slay if he wandered up to the North Pole?
4.  How many penquins do you think Groo and Rufferto might roast if they wandered up to the North Pole?
5.  If you made a Groo snowman, which vegetable would you use for his nose?
6.  If Groo crashed Grooella's Christmas Masked Ball, which of the following foods would he name his second favorite (behind cheese dip of course):

a.  Roast pig
b.  Almond Log
c.  Mince Pies
d.  Coconut 'Snow Bombs'
e.  Dragon Flambe

7.  What yuletide favorite would the Minstrel most likely sing/play first?
8.  Which of the following classic Christmas grouches would last the longest in a duel against Groo? 

b.  The Abominable Snowman (aka "The Bumble) (RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER)
c.  Ebenezer Scrooge (A CHRISTMAS CAROL)
d.  Kevin McCallister (HOME ALONE)
e.  Mr. Potter (IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE)
g.  Scut Farkus (A CHRISTMAS STORY) (and yes - that's how his name is spelled on both IMDB and wikipedia . . .)
h.  Heat Miser

9.  Which Groo character (including Groo) would you most like to meet under the mistletoe?
10.  Which three (3) GROO characters would top Santa's 'naughty' list?
11.  Which three (3) GROO characters would you most like to go sledding with?
12.  Which GROO character, besides Groo and Rufferto, would you most like to see made into an ornament?
13.  What 'secret santa' gift would you buy for the following Groo characters:

a.  Dakarba
b.  Rufferto
c.  The Witch of Kaan
d.  Arcadio
e.  Captain Ahax

14.  Name the three (3) GROO characters most likely to go caroling . . .
15.  Which three (3) GROO characters would top Santa's 'nice' list?
16.  If Groo and Rufferto were attacked by an army of mutant gingerbread men, would they slay first then eat, or nibble first and slay second?
17.  Assuming the Sage were Santa, who would make the best mall santa - Grativo, Drumm or Granny Groo?
18.  What do you suppose was 'lil Groo's first ever gift?
19.  Which is emptier, Groo's head or Pal's stocking?
20.  If Groo stowed away in Santa's sleigh sans Rufferto, would the vehicle crash/sink/burn or would Santa's magic be strong enough to counteract the bad luck effect?

Happy Holidays to everyone and best wishes for a healthy season!

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