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Not to be too argumentative, but it doesn¹t ³clearly ask² at all. ³If they
wandered up to the North Pole² most likely refers to Groo and Rufferto,
since they¹re the closest nouns to the pronoun ³they.² Furthermore, I don¹t
think penguins would wander that far, except for the example of Opus
catching a ride on a Greenpeace boat in an excursion to find his mother. But
even he was smart enough to head to the South Pole.

Glorko (Chris)

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>>>> >>4.  How many penquins do you think Groo  and Rufferto might roast if they
>>>> wandered up to the North Pole?
>> None.  They¹re at the South Pole!<<
>> No, the question clearly asks "if they wandered up to  the North Pole". What
>> with the shrinking ice and warming Antarctic waters, a  few might just decide
>> to hop on a north-bound iceberg and check out the other  side of the
>> world....  
>> Kaytee
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