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Remember, if Groo went to the North Pole, he'd arrive at the South Pole!
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Not to be too argumentative, but it doesn’t “clearly ask” at all. “If they wandered up to the North Pole” most likely refers to Groo and Rufferto, since they’re the closest nouns to the pronoun “they.” Furthermore, I don’t think penguins would wander that far, except for the example of Opus catching a ride on a Greenpeace boat in an excursion to find his mother. But even he was smart enough to head to the South Pole.

Glorko (Chris)

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>>>>4.  How many penquins do you think Groo  and Rufferto might roast if they wandered up to the North Pole? 
>>>>None.  They’re at the South Pole!<<
>>>>No, the question clearly asks "if they wandered up to  the North Pole". What with the shrinking ice and warming Antarctic waters, a  few might just decide to hop on a north-bound iceberg and check out the other  side of the world....  
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