[Groop] Groo Christmas Holiday Game

Shawn Moore uslgrad at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 18 19:11:34 PST 2009

1. Sage - what great stories I would hear.

2. I would leave Sage some thermal undies.  I bet he gets cold.
3. Groo wouldn't slay any of them.  They would have already evacuated.
4. They would roast a few that they found at zoos along the way, otherwise none.
5. Celery
6. I think Groo would rather Coconut 'Snow Bombs'.  They sound dangerous enough.
7. Granny Groo got ran over by a Raindeer

8. Mr. Potter.  He'd find some way to buy his way to the end of the story.
9. A 30 soemthing Thaiis.

10. Taranto, Pal, and Drumm.
11. Thaiis, Chakaal, and Rufferto?
12. Thaiis/Chakaal ornament
13. What 'secret santa' gift would you buy for the following Groo characters:
a. Lump of Coal
b. Become Human Potion

c. a bag of newtons
d. an appearance on Leno

e. Trading card of Rufferto
14. Minstrel, Chakaal, human Rufferto
15. Rufferto, Sage, Chakaal
16. They would Slay and forget to eat!
17. Granny Groo

18. Noogie
19. Pal's stocking
20. Rufferto would be strong enough to counteract the bad luck.   If Rufferto is not available, it's Merry Madagascar all over again.
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