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Well, I've been without a solid job since July, and that was only part time.  I can't even get called for an interview from Wal-Mart!! I've been teaching 2-3 week drawing classe, but not since November and it  was once a week.  My wife also has no job and apparently 6, 4 and 2 year old kids are too young to work (damn child labor laws)

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Hi Folks! 
I know this is a little behind the times, I've been ludicrously busy, but I couldn't let this go without a comment.  MAD going to quarterly is terrible, terrible, terrible!!!  
And what makes it even worse beyond the obvious reasons is that our Favorite Artist in the Universe will now be getting only 4 checks annually from MAD after quite a few years of 12 and before that about 30 years of at least 8!!!  I don't know what percentage of Sergio's income comes from MAD, but it's gotta be a nasty hit.  
Have any Groopies lost their jobs or had their pay cut in the current economic crisis?  I hope not.  
Of course, as Mark mentioned, this could be good for us in that we may end up getting more Groo out of it.  Maybe even the "Friends and Foes" series that Sergio has talked about for a while.  That would be cool!.  
Anywho, here's hoping Sergio can find a way to make up for the loss in MAD income, and in a way that doesn't take twice or three times the effort.  
Gary G.  (Whose job is embarassingly secure)  _______________________________________________
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