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I've been without a job since Sept.  My wife has a good job but, like Jason,
I get few calls for interviews and the competition is pretty stiff.  13, 5,
and 4 year olds on our end.  Welcome to the "Great Depression" for our


On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 7:00 AM, jason nuttall <jasonnuttall at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Well, I've been without a solid job since July, and that was only part
> time.  I can't even get called for an interview from Wal-Mart!! I've been
> teaching 2-3 week drawing classe, but not since November and it  was once a
> week.  My wife also has no job and apparently 6, 4 and 2 year old kids are
> too young to work (damn child labor laws)
> jason
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> Subject: [Groop] Sergio & MAD
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> Date: Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 5:07 PM
>  Hi Folks!
> I know this is a little behind the times, I've been ludicrously busy, but I
> couldn't let this go without a comment.  MAD going to quarterly is terrible,
> terrible, terrible!!!
> And what makes it even worse beyond the obvious reasons is that our
> Favorite Artist in the Universe will now be getting only 4 checks annually
> from MAD after quite a few years of 12 and before that about 30 years of at
> least 8!!!  I don't know what percentage of Sergio's income comes from MAD,
> but it's gotta be a nasty hit.
> Have any Groopies lost their jobs or had their pay cut in the current
> economic crisis?  I hope not.
> Of course, as Mark mentioned, this could be good for us in that we may end
> up getting more Groo out of it.  Maybe even the "Friends and Foes" series
> that Sergio has talked about for a while.  That would be cool!.
> Anywho, here's hoping Sergio can find a way to make up for the loss in MAD
> income, and in a way that doesn't take twice or three times the effort.
> Gary G.  (Whose job is embarassingly secure)
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