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You might try the Bristol Hotel and see what prices they are charging.  Normally, it's a nice mid-priced hotel, a block from the trolley station and bus line, a couple blocks from Ralph's Grocery store (where you can buy food at normal prices, including great deli sandwiches) and only half a mile from the Con.  (The more expensive hotels are closer.)  


It used to be that you could stay at a place like a Days Inn for $80 or $90 dollars per night and be less than a mile from the Con.  Now, those places charge $250 per night with a mandatory 3 night stay.  The Bristol used to be $150 per night and maybe if you make your reservations now and pay in advance you can get a reasonable price.  

Good Luck!

Gary G.  

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    >>Anyone know any hotel or two that are at least in the vicinity of the convention that they could recommend? I haven't got the slightest clue which to pick. Rather not the cheapest ones but not to expensive either if possible.<<

  I'd suggest something that is NOT downtown, but IS near a trolley station. I have no personal experience with any of the following: 

  http://travela.priceline.com/hotel/POI-San_Diego_Trolley_San_Diego_California_United_States-77997505.html  Some of those are downtown...





  I think Tom got a place in San Ysidro the last time he came-- after finding the hotel he had booked, had canceled his reservation because he hadn't actually paid in advance (and re-sold the room for about triple what he had reserved it for). So, first, check the rates for the dates you want (many up the price during the summer... and even more when they know there is going to be something like Comic Con...), and pay for the one you select now. Just like buying the "memberships"....


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