[Groop] 2009 CBG Fan Awards...Final voting...Vote Groo Crew!

Yodazone at aol.com Yodazone at aol.com
Thu Mar 5 13:25:50 PST 2009

Hey Groo Fans!   
The ballots are counted and the "Groo Crew" received  3 big nominations for 
this year's 27th Annual CBG Fan  Awards!    Way to go to all who voted!
Here are the 3 categories which received "Groo  Crew" nominations:
Favorite Penciller - Sergio Aragones
Favorite Letterer - Stan Sakai
Favorite Colorist - Tom Luth
Now comes the fun part with the final voting round!    The  final voting page 
is located here:
Voting ends on May 31st & winners will be announced on  the website in early 
July and in the issue of CBG  #1657.   Winners receive certificates!   Vote  
from different computers!      
Rock your "Groo Crew" vote until May  31st!!   Yes we  can!     
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