[Groop] 2009 CBG Fan Awards...Final voting...Vote Groo Crew!

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Favorite Penciller?
That's bizarre!!  Sergio is the loosest penciller on the planet!  No one
but Sergio could ink Sergio's pencils.  It's his ink that are amazing.
Very strange indeed...
Gary G. 


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Hey Groo Fans!   
The ballots are counted and the "Groo Crew" received 3 big nominations
for this year's 27th Annual CBG Fan Awards!    Way to go to all who
Here are the 3 categories which received "Groo Crew" nominations:
Favorite Penciller - Sergio Aragones
Favorite Letterer - Stan Sakai
Favorite Colorist - Tom Luth
Now comes the fun part with the final voting round!    The final voting
page is located here:
Voting ends on May 31st & winners will be announced on the website in
early July and in the issue of CBG #1657.   Winners receive
certificates!   Vote from different computers!
Rock your "Groo Crew" vote until May 31st!!   Yes we can!


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