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 We are the biggest Groo FanTards, and nobody here would pay that much.

Good call Gary.? Always enjoy your emails.

Has Sergio ever sold any pages of his epic Groos?? How about drafts of pages?




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Hi Folks!


This gentleman has tried to sell this before.? 
This time $1080.? Last time it was for $1700.? 


It's JUST a photostat!!!? Yes, it's a cool 
photostat that was used in the process of making the advertisement in StarSlayer 
#4, but it's still just a photostat!? For $1000 you buy two Groo 
pages.? You buy two really, really cool drawings from Sergio at a Con, like 
one with Groo and a bunch of the recurring characters and another of Groo in a 
fray.? And those would be real drawings with real ink and stuff.? Not 


When I contacted him the first time and gently told 
him it was not worth $1700, he actually got offended and told me he was huge 
Groo fan and blah, blah, blah.? Well, the old photostat is worth 
something.? But it ain't worth no $1700 or $1080!!


Gary G.? (Crazed Groo Collector who is not 
THAT Crazed) 


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