[Groop] Calgary Anyone?

Steve Hubbell usagigoya at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 16 21:37:46 PDT 2009

Just to continue the pointlessness of your email, I checked mapquest the other day to see just how far I wasn't going to travel to not see Stan Sakai while he attends Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. I am only a little over 2200 miles, but it sure looked like a relatively straight shot across the country.

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 15:23:03 -0700
From: GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
To: Groop at groo.com
Subject: [Groop] Calgary Anyone?

Hi Folks!  
I’ve got a few minutes in between tax meetings and writing tax papers (oh, joy) so I thought I’d send out another completely pointless message.  
Are any Canadian Groopies going to make it to Calgary to see Sergio & Mark in April?  I know I’ve sent some stuff up there in the past.  I checked and according Mapquest, I am only 750 miles away from where I live.  I am also only 750 miles away from San Francisco and WonderCon.  
And yet, despite there piddling distances, I didn’t go to WonderCon and won’t be going to Calgary.  What is the matter with me?  I must be getting old….
Take care all, 
Gary G.  
(See, I told you it was pointless.)  
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