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Hi John,

I'm also disappointed by the development of the Groo comics. For me it's not so much the message. I'm sorry that Groo more and more leaves the "fantastic world" where he once lived - crowded with wizards, wandering monks, easy girls and lizards - and moved to a land of the industrialized middle ages, where he lives as an exotic outsider between lousy plant workers. 

That may sound a little harsh, but if you look at the early Groo comics (e.g. my favorite one: Pacific no 2, the first double page of the story "The Missive"), then you know what I miss nowadays!

Nevertheless, I shall never cease to view each page of Groo and support the wonderful creators team. Sergio is my hero, Mark is my hero, Groo is my hero, and Bart is my hero, again, too!

Greetings from Germany (crowded with lousy plant workers...),

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I also agree with the people here who do not like the new Groo stories. I still continued to purchase Groo up to (and including) the Groo Special, but I have not purchased (nor do I intend to purchase) HoE or HoH. The reason being that I find stories which try to beat the reader over the head with a moral as their primary goal to simply be uninteresting and unfunny. Unfortunately this type of story telling has become more and more prominent in Groo over the years, and now it seems to be used exclusively :-(.

I do have great hopes for "Groo vs Conan" though, which I am (at this point anyway) intending to purchase when it is eventually published.

Mo orst wrote:

> Haven't picked up HOH. Not sure if I will... the Groo Special and Hell

> On Earth were enough to dissuade me of this particular brand of Groo.

> Classic Groo focussed on situational comedy, and the morals always

> came second. Which is why the morals in all the old books are timeless

> and infinitely more affecting than those of recent years.


> That's fine if the Groo Crew feel they need to be political activists

> at this time, I support them in that endeavor. But Groo used to be the

> main character in his comic. For whatever reason, he is now a subtext

> to the hammer being swung. It is akin to Batman's rote status as a

> "main character" in The Dark Knight.


> Honestly, Groo has not been himself since the Image run.


> -Al




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> You're not alone.  I miss the old Groo as well.


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>     Several months ago, I dropped my comic book subscription. So after

>     1,560 plus weeks, I did not get any comics. Monday, I was near my

>     last comic book shop and stopped in to get the Hogs of Horder #1.




>     And I was disappointed.




>     Maybe it?s me, but I miss the old Groo. It was always nice to have

>     moral to the story, but, if I want to be hit over the head with a

>     political view, I?ll turn on FOX or MSNBC. When I read Groo, I

>     want be entertained. Frankly, with the last few series, I haven?t

>     been. It isn?t like I don?t agree with most the messages presented

>     in Groo. It is just this not what I want out of Groo.




>     Groo was, and always will be, important to me on many different

>     levels. I will always support Sergio & Mark. I just may not read

>     Groo anymore.


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