[Groop] The Hogs of Horder #1

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Fri Nov 27 14:07:25 PST 2009

Happy birthday tomorrow, Martin, although it¹s almost tomorrow there!


on 11/27/09 3:12 AM, Martin Kranwetvogel at mkranwet at yahoo.com wrote:

> Hi John,
> I'm also disappointed by the development of the Groo comics. For me it's not
> so much the message. I'm sorry that Groo more and more leaves the "fantastic
> world" where he once lived - crowded with wizards, wandering monks, easy girls
> and lizards - and moved to a land of the industrialized middle ages, where he
> lives as an exotic outsider between lousy plant workers.
> That may sound a little harsh, but if you look at the early Groo comics (e.g.
> my favorite one: Pacific no 2, the first double page of the story "The
> Missive"), then you know what I miss nowadays!
> Nevertheless, I shall never cease to view each page of Groo and support the
> wonderful creators team. Sergio is my hero, Mark is my hero, Groo is my hero,
> and Bart is my hero, again, too!
> Greetings from Germany (crowded with lousy plant workers...),
> Martin.

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