[Groop] The Hogs of Horder #1

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I agree with many of the recent statements about Groo.  My family and I spend a lot of time re-reading GROO but rarely (if ever) find ourselves re-reading the more recent issues of the comic.  We miss that 'sword and sorcery', parody-of-CONAN fantasy world and the cleverly entertaining, funny and whimsical little adventure plots (and morals) that accompanied them.   I too, find the increased political tone and/or commentary to be more than a little distracting and out of place and feel that, in more recent issues at least, the character of Groo has taken a back seat to the message.  We want more Groo in our GROO!

Having said all that, I adore Sergio, Mark, Stan and Tom's work and will never stop buying and reading GROO.  Keep on keeping on, guys!


P.S.  About a year ago, my son and I were having a discussion about why the more recent issues weren't as funny as previous ones (my children laugh out loud - literally, cackling with delight - at some of the faces Groo makes in the comic.  They also love watching that 'train wreck' that they know is about to happen when he gets a plan).  Anyway, Caide says to me, "Man!  Why can't Sergio and Mark just go back to the old style?  It's so much better!"  Some time after that, after hearing me state that a new GROO was coming out, he said:  "Rocky - what if you went to the store and you picked it up and it was the same as the old style?"  I smiled and said that would be awesome.  Then, beaming, he emulates Groo swinging his swords and adds: "Mark and Sergio do what they do best!"

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