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Hey Porter!  


The Shadow Star appearance is #31 on Other Original Appearances section
of the most recent Groo List.  Except I have it as being printed by
"Shadow  Press," not Savage Star Press (aka SSP aka Savage Graphics)
I'll check when I get home tonight.  Here is the entry on the Groo List
and footnote:  


31. ShadowStar (b)   #2  Shadow Press  Nov. 1985-Page 24, Groo
(reprinted in '86-Slave Labor Graphics)


(b) Shadow Press originally published the 1st 2 issues in 1985. Printing
was turned over to Slave Labor Graphics in 1986, who reprinted #2. 


In  addition to coloring the cover of #2 when they reprinted it, Slave
Labor also reprinted the cover of ShadowStar #1 on the back cover of #2.
Everything inside is the same as I recall.  I'll pull them both out
tonight and double check.  


Early Groo appearances in obscure comics are fun!


Take care all,  Gary G.  (The maddest completist of them all!)  




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In case anyone is interested...


There is a full, one-page sketch of Groo by Sergio in Shadow Star #2
(Savage Star Press (aka SSP aka Savage Graphics), Nov 1985). It has a
b&w cover & Groo is on page 24.

It's listed in the Sergiography.


However, there is also an alternate printing of the issue, the so-called
"foreign edition" with a colored cover and published by Slave Labor
Graphics (SLG).  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slave_Labor_Graphics

As I don't have it to hand at the moment, I can't be certain of it's
publication date but I assume it is right around November-December '85.


So far as I can tell, the interior of both the foreign and domestic
printings are the same, albeit with different publication information,
and Sergio's sketch still shows up on page 24. I think.


For most, I'm sure it minor enough not to bother - it is the same sketch
after all. For the mad completists among us, however, well, I thought
some of my Groopeeps might want to track a copy down for their
collections too.


Now if I myself could only track down that damned Chronicles hardcover
I'd be set...!



 ~ Porter.

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