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Hey Aaron!

Sergio will be there both days.  Look at the schedule to see if he is
scheduled for any panels or special signings.  (Sometimes artists have a
signing session at the booth of their publisher, which in Sergio's case
would be Dark Horse or Bongo.)

Other than those circumstances Sergio is at his table unless he is
taking a break.  The lines vary greatly.  But you will never have to
wait in line for hours or anything like that.  Even at San Diego there
are lulls.  

Make sure you tell Sergio you are a member of the Groop!!  (And say Hi!
to George, who will probably be right there too!)  If you buy something,
Sergio will personalize and include a little sketch.  He will also sign
a couple of things that you bring with you. Don't bring a whole stack.  

Drawings start at around $125 or so.  That would be for just a simple
Groo & Rufferto.  The more you want in the drawing, the more it costs.
There are pre-done drawings in a book that you can look through.  There
are also Groo pages for sale for $500.  Pricey, I know, but worth every
kopin (if you have any!)  

I am sure you will have a great time.  -Gary G. 

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I am going Saturday. I have never been to a large comic convention like
this before. I am worried about  huge lines and missing out on meeting
Sergio. Anyone been to Boston before? How are the lines to meet artists?
Even though the main reason I am going is to meet Sergio, I would like
to meet one or two others on the list too. Anyone know if Sergio is
going to be there both days and what hours he will be there?
Also how much does Sergio charge for simple sketches or even a more
detailed drawing?

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