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Yeah, the Life/Death HC, Sergio must usually sell at conventions.  I think 
it was in the $60 neighborhood, but it might have been more.  Gary picked 
one up for me in San Diego 2 or 3 years ago (thank you again, Gary).  Sergio 
and Mark both signed it and Sergio drew a Groo on the flyleaf.  Its the 
prize of my Groo library.
The Chronicles HC I've seen on ebay for silly money $150-$250, but it only 
comes up rarely and usually as a "buy it now."  I gave up looking for it at 
a reasonable price some time ago.
Didn't someone just get hosed buying one on Amazon?

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I tend to just search Ebay,Amazon, and a few online comic dealers and of 
coarse the prices are jacked up on there. I have seen this book for sale 
only a few times since I was looking to purchase it and watched one go over 
$100 before I stopped watching it. There is actually only one copy currently 
on ebay and its $149 buy it price. A lot of collectors, including me, 
probably didn't think to look on the printer's site.
Thanks for the link though because I was missing the regular Life of Groo 
and they still have it for $12.95 which comic books stores all want $20 and 
up for it, and apparently its not even sold out!

"Good report Aaron! I'm way jealous. Sergio is probably the one person in
the world I would like to meet the most. *sighs*

Anyways, the Life & Death of Groo is still available from Graffitti
I bought my copy from them a couple years ago. I sometimes wonder why they
haven't sold out yet, while the HC Chronicles book is practically impossible
to get now-a-days.


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