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Sounds like you had a blast!

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So I went to the BCC Saturday. The lines were insane. I got there before it opened and the line was down the street. There was a lot of artists and comic dealers shoved into a small area with very little space left for people to actually get in to it. So they would only let a certain amount in and wait for people to leave, and then let a few more in. Not very well run if you ask me. It opened at 10 and I finally got in at 11:40, spending around 2 hours in line. I stayed until around 2 and when I walked out the line was still down the street, very doubtful 1/2 of those people even got in by the time it closed at 5. On one hand it was nice to see an amazing turn out and support for comics, but they didn't plan very well.
Anyway, I finally got to meet the man Sergio! It took me a while to even find where he was. I think they gave him a really bad spot, not a single person was at his table when I found him. I hope he does well by the end. It was nice being the only one there though as I was able to talk a little with him and got him to sign quite a few rare books and he drew sketches on each one. He did an R2D2 on Stomps Star Wars, a Groo on all the Groos, a Bart on Bart Simpson #50 (he was excited to see I brought that one) and a Homer on a Simpson issue he did the cover on. One of the best parts was he had the Death/Life of Groo hardcover which I never thought I would get because they are sold out everywhere and go for around $100 on ebay. I bought two different limited Groo prints he had as well that were signed and had sketches at the bottom. Unfortunately I bought a few things before I found him, a few things at his table, and then I didn't have enough to buy an
original piece which is what I wanted the most. I will have to put away some money in hopes he comes back next year. I never know when he is on the New England area, hopefully you all can keep me informed now that I am on the mailing list.

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