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GROO Guys,
  Didn't any of you "3D Blind" folds have a VU Master when you were kids?  I'm a compulsive collector so I have most model variations (Sawyer, GAF, Fisher Price, etc), and have been anxiously awaiting the release of some GROO reels.
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Hey Folks!

I'm sending this email on behalf of Gary G. who is now in San Diego and about to take over Comic-Con!

Here's some cool Groo collectable news!   

There will be another new surprise Groo Lithograph (#4!) exclusive that is only available at Comic-Con and you can see a pic right here:


For those who already pre-ordered Groo Litho #3 can get Groo Litho #4 (shipped together!) by just sending in another $25 to Gary G's Paypal account at:

grossfamm at comcast.net

Make sure you send the funds to Gary ASAP because these are limited and will likely sell out quick like last year's rare lithos!

Also,  here's a handy shortcut tip on Paypal to send funds to sellers and avoid getting those pesky Paypal fees imposed on buyers and sellers:

- Click on "Send Money" tab of your Paypal page....then click on the "Personal" tab and then mark the "Money owed" option......and no pesky fees will appear!    

(this shortcut only works when sending funds from a "Paypal Balance" or a "Bank Account" Funding source).   If you have a "Credit card" as your Funding Source default,   you might have to change the funding source so you won't see the fees turn up.

(this Paypal shortcut works like a charm....)   

Otherwise if you can't get it to work,  be sure to add a couple extra bucks to cover those incurring pesky Paypal fees.    



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