[Groop] Love Those Con Reports

Grossmann, Gary (DOR) GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
Mon May 17 13:29:31 PDT 2010

Hi Folks!


Great Con Report from Jared, and very nice video clips from Jason!   As
Shawn the Girl says, they are always savored.   If anyone else was there
please let us know how things went for you.  


I've had a interesting last few days.  I went river rafting for the
second time in my life this weekend.  I made sure there were no Groo
items on my person so the raft did not sink.  However on the drive up a
tooth broke while I was eating a brownie (How in the heck do you break a
tooth on a brownie?) and so today I had a molar extracted.  Obviously
this is all somehow Groo's fault.  


If anyone else besides Jared and the other folks who have already
contacted me is interested in one of the new Lithos, let me know. 


Take care all,  Gary G. 



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