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The panel was very difficult to hear, what with the announcements going on, and what I think was another panel going on right next door (and by door, I mean drapes).
>From what I could hear and remember, Sergio said that he wanted a very guttural sound for the name of his new barbarian.  So he started sounding out:  Grrr, Growl, ect.  And came up with Groo.  He figured it fit the character, and when he looked in the phone book, there was nobody with that name.  But right when it came out, suddenly people started popping up everywhere with that name.  He even discovered someone on his street with named Groo.  
Much funnier with him telling it, but you get the gist.

Another funny (well, more sad) story is that they announced over the PA that the Stan and Sergio panel was coming up, the woman doing it butchered both their names in ways you couldn't imagine.  It was not even close to sounding like Aragones or Sakai.  Wanted to ask both of them if they even noticed they were being mentioned....horribly wrong.

Were any other Groop members there?  Anything else mentioned that I missed?

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> So tell us the story about creating the name Groo    ;-)
>  --Scott--
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