[Groop] 2011 Comic Con Registration???

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"Available 4-day passes will NOT include Wed night-"


That stinks!  I thought when they said that they just meant they were
sold out of what they were making available at the 2010 Con.  I didn't
think it meant ALL of the preview night passes.  


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On-line registration will start Nov 1, according to the info at the last
meeting. Available 4-day passes will NOT include Wed night-- those
passes sold out on-site at this last CC.Not sure when parking can be
reserved.... Hotels--  Feb??




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Hi Folks!
Anyone (Mark?, Eric?) know when the 2011 Comic Con Memberships will go
on sale?  The web site just says "coming soon."  I have found a couple
places that say November 1st.  Does anyone know for sure?  (I'm actually
buying 4 4-day passes for various family members this year. )
Gary G. 


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