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Hi Groop,

I got the following email today and thought I would pass it along to the Groop.  Free shipping on all comics for a few days at milehighcomics.com and if you order $20 worth of stuff it appears that you can select to get the Groo Adventurer TPB for free.  


FREE Shipping on All Comics Orders!

After 11 straight hours of sleep last evening, I am finally starting to recover from my weeklong cold. I wish that I could have shaken this pesky virus earlier, but the weather here in New York has just been miserable. It hasn't exactly been non-stop rain since I arrived, but cold, wet, and gray have definitely been the overriding environmental conditions. I wouldn't mind so much, but even here at our Hilton hotel on Long Island, they have been loath to turn on the heat. It's hard to shake a cold when the inside temperatures of all of the buildings are set at 60 degrees...

Coughing and poor weather aside, I have been having a really good time on this trip. The back issue comics deals that we have been offered have been quite good, which has more than cost-justified our efforts. Just as soon as I finish this column, Ashley and I will be heading for the local FedEx LTL drop-off center to ship about 30,000 great back issues home to our headquarters in Denver. We've actually purchased about 40,000 since last Wednesday, but the last 10,000 are in storage right now, as our rented cargo van is filled to the ceiling.  Once we're done at FedEx we're off for Connecticut where yet another 90,000 comics are waiting to be sorted.

So you know, Ashley and I generally do not buy bulk comics deals, but rather accumulate our prodigious purchases very selectively, going through long box after long box, picking out only those issues that we need to fill in gaps in our existing 8 million+ back issue inventory. We had excellent luck yesterday, as we were able (by paying a bit more per box...) to purchase almost exclusively 1970's and 1980's comics. Just to cite one example, among the treasures that we unearthed yesterday were a large number of ALL-STAR SQUADRON issues between #60 - #67. While most issues of the ALL-STAR SQUADRON run are relatively common, those later numbers are tough to find because print runs had declined precipitously just prior to the title being cancelled. This has meant that we have had to charge a significant premium on those high numbers when selling them, as they were very hard to restock.

Now that I've located stacks of several of those issues, however, our automated pricing algorithm will drop the prices for you on even those very scarce issues to exceptionally affordable levels. While that is a great outcome, if past patterns hold true, our prices will then gradually rise back up again over time, as those low cost issues sell out. That's exactly why I urge everyone to take advantage of the great deals that we offer on our website, while they are still available. We have a crazy number of great comics available for you to purchase on our website right now at $3, or less, where we would have easily had to charge you $5+ in the past. Because of the absolute randomness of the wholesale back issue comics deals that I am being offered on any given day, however, I have no way if predicting which issues we will be able to restock. Thanks to the great successes of our year-long experiment in purchasing back issue lots, however, some of the comics prices on our website right now are lower than they have been in over 10 years!

One question that I am frequently asked at conventions is what is happening at our organic vegetable farm in Colorado. I wish that I could personally explain, but with my having already been on the road for over 150 days this year purchasing comics, I really have not been on our farm much at all. My beloved wife, Nanette, and our daughter, Rowan, have been operating the farm this year. Rowan switched the emphasis of our farm marketing from selling at the Boulder County Farmer's Market, over to catering to a select few customers at our farm, and then also selling to restaurants. Nanette still operates a farm stand by the side of Jay Road, the main arterial that runs in front of the farm. Rowan creates her own newsletter for our farm, and you are quite welcome to join her mailings, even if you do not live in Colorado. Rowan is quite an accomplished writer, and can easily give those of you who would like to learn more about the joys and travails of farming at 5,500 feet of altitude an excellent level of insight. Here is a link to Rowan's latest newsletter.

My final item for today is a 3-day reinstatement of our completely free shipping of all comics orders program that was so incredibly popular last month (no express carriers). One thing that I have definitely seen at the shows that I have recently attended is that a great many comics fans (and dealers) are having to be very frugal during these difficult economic times. I understand frugality, and spend a great deal of time myself pinching pennies, and looking for the best deals while I am on the road. The fact remains true, however, that these hard economic times have created an absolutely unique opportunity for those of us who truly love comics to build our collections at bargain prices that we might not ever again see in our lifetimes. That is precisely why I am spending so much time and energy out on the road, seeking out comics collections where ever I can find them. It is also why I instructed Will Moulton a few weeks ago to set the underlying limits built into our automated pricing algorithm at their most liberal point, thus creating an unbelievable number of bargains for you on our website.

Shipping is still a costly burden that remains as an impediment for many fans, so effective immediately, I am going to set our minimum for free shipping to both International and domestic destinations at zero from now, until noon on Saturday. International purchases will still need to pay the per item surcharges on books, and orders containing supplies, statues, oversized books, and any other exceptionally heavy items will still be charged exact shipping. Standard back issue comics and magazine orders heading for anywhere in the world, however, will ship entirely for free through Saturday (we choose the shipper...). Please do enjoy this incredibly generous offer with my personal thanks for your continuing support of Mile High Comics. Simply put, without your patronage, we would have no reason to be here...

Happy Collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
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PS: Here are five more free items that you can choose if you place a qualifying order. Just ask for the item(s) you want in the "Notes" section of our order form, and Byron will make certain that they are included in your package at no charge.

New $20.00 Level

$20 - CAPTAIN UNIVERSE: UNIVERSAL HEROES TPB (2005) #1 Near Mint Retail: $15.00 FREE!

$20 - GROO ADVENTURER TPB #1 Near Mint Retail: $20.00 FREE!

$20 - HAWKEYE TPB (1988) #1 2nd Print Near Mint Retail: $15.00 FREE!

$20 - SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN TPB #1 2nd Print Near Mint Retail: $15.00 FREE!

New $50.00 Level

$50 - BLACK WIDOW: THE COLDEST WAR GN (1990) #1 Very Fine/Near Mint Retail: $30.00 FREE!

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