[Groop] Sergio at Frankfurt Book Fair

Dennis Rasmussen dernice at sol.dk
Wed Oct 6 13:06:46 PDT 2010

Thanks for your answer! I have already got the cheese dip statue and the
hardback flip book.
However I will go for the magnets, the game and especially an original
Groo drawing! And of course
some signatures on some of my Groo comics :-)

btw, the German publisher of Mad/Simpsons comics has made some special
covers for 3 issues of German editions of Mad, The Simpsons and Bart
Simpsons Horror Show.

You can see them here: http://tinyurl.com/2emyuby

The MAD cover feat. Alfred E. Neuman and The Simpsons is pretty cool!


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Hey Dennis!


First off, don't forget to tell Sergio you are a member of the Groop!
Then he will know you are a True Blue Groo Fan!!(Or is that Troo Bloo
Groo Fan?)  


Second, bring lots of money!!  I don't know what your budget is, but
there is quite a price range of items.  I also don't know what he takes
with him to Europe, but hopefully it's the same stuff.  Typically, he
has the three magnets ($5 each, 3 for $10), the Groo Game ($40 I think),
and the "Cheese Dip?" statue ($150, I think-maybe $175).  He might also
have the really cool hardback Death of Groo/Life of Groo flip book


And then he has his portfolios.  The small one has various original
drawings that sell for anywhere from $150 to $600, depending on how
complex they are.  The large portfolio has original drawings and the
original artwork for things like Groo pages ($500) pages from other
books like Louder Than Words ($400, I think), and the Lithographs
($1200-$1500) and other original art.  


So there is something for every budget.  Hope this helps,


Gary G. 



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Hello Groopers


This forthcoming weekend I am travelling down to

the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany to meet Sergio.


However I am interested in knowing, what Sergio usually

is selling from his stand/table. 


Besides from the regular comics, the 4 lithos and original art, 

is he selling any other Groo collectables?

Maybe magnets, postcards, the game, the statues or other things, and

are the prices usually? ( I need to know how much money, I have

to bring :-)


Best regards

Dennis - the Danish Grooper

http://debat.sol.dk/ - din mening tæller!

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