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Ryan Simmons ryan.gsimmons at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 13:50:30 PDT 2012

Womble said:

"You didn't say that you would buy them if they were a better scan, you
just said you'd buy them if you didn't have them digitally already. If the
publishers can't sell the DH digital copy then what's the incentive for
anyone to publish the earlier comics digitally. Again affecting revenue for
the creator. "

Really, Womble?  You're going to zap me because I was not one hundred
percent clear with what my reaction would be if an official digital
reissuing of the old Pacific or Marvels came out?

I mean come on.  I'm a Groo completist.  I have a copy of every story of
groo ever published.

I'm not splitting hairs over this.

I have illegally downloaded copies of Groo of the Pacific and Marvel and
Image issues.  Why?  Because Mark and Sergio will not provide them to their
fans.  Would you like it better if I scanned my own physical copies?  The
end product for me would probably be a little better.  But that would take

Sergio can not lose revenue on a product he does not offer.  It's that

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