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Rick Loomis rick at flyingbuffalo.com
Mon Apr 2 12:12:28 PDT 2012

Just to be clear with everyone, all jokes about being a pirate/not 
being a pirate aside, I have never downloaded a song or movie or 
comic illegally. (Actually, I haven't downloaded them legally 
either!) But I recently acquired a Kindle Fire, and if genuine Groo 
comics are offered by ME and Sergio in that format, I will buy them 
again, even tho I have them all in hardcopy! I try to respect the 
rights of authors and artists.
Rick Loomis
(Definitely not a pirate)

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>Hey, I don't know how this happens, but it always seems to happen on 
>certain forums/lists.  This post has transmorphed into a discussion 
>about the ethics of piracy when really it was just Eli letting the 
>Groop know the comics that are available digitally were on sale this weekend :)

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