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Hi Folks!

Chris!  Congrats!  When does the book come out?  How do we buy it?  (Notice I didn't ask the price.  Who cares?)

-Gary G.


The other pieces have been on ebay periodically for a couple of years-some are right now-most recently by the Lewis Wayne Gallery, which is located in Dallas.  Heritage also has a Dallas office.   They are not owned by Sergio.

In looking at the prices Sergio's art has gone for when sold by Heritage, I would say it's definitely hit and miss.  That is, sometimes they go for the price Sergio would sell at a convention and sometimes it's a lot less.  And that doesn't take into account the exorbitant commission.

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Alice Otterloop is from the comic strip Cul de Sac. A benefit book is
coming out in June to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.
Richard Thompson, who draws Cul de Sac has Parkinson's and this is to
honor him. Over 100 cartoonists did pieces for the book including Bill
Watterson, who came out of retirement to do his and then of course,
Sergio, whose piece is in the auction. I'm also proud to say that I
have a piece in the book, which will also be auctioned. Actually, all
of the art will be auctioned off to raise money. Anyway, you can read
more about it here, if you want to.


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> Whose Alice?
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