[Groop] Special Birthday

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.. Imagine Groo with a gun !!!!




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Will someone please find this man a Groo #118!!    -Gary G.  


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I had one of those a few weeks ago....rather anticlimactic really.  I've
become something of a minimalist in my dotage.  Reading the bound volumes of
Groo since the date in question.  Up to "Dynasty."  Hoping "Parade comes out
before I get to it. Still hoping to find an ish 118 at a reasonable price.
Is this too much to ask for a man of my years?

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Ive got a big birthday coming up (starts with a four and ends in zero) in
entering to the sprit of having a mid-life crisis I rather thought I might
like some orginal Sergio art instead of a Ferrari.. 


As I cant get to the US. anyone know how'd I go about sorting that ??




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