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Sergio has been just about everywhere in the world, and it's hard to imagine he hasn't been to India, but I have never heard him talk about being there.  If your comic convention organizers are willing to pay for him to come there, he will probably agree to come.  
As for the Groo Game being reprinted, that will not happen.  It's a long story, but trust me, it cannot happen.  The PVC set, I'm not as sure about, but it is unlikely.  As has been said, your best bet for both is an online purchase from ebay or some place like that.  There is supposed to be a new set of Groo figured coming out, but I have not heard anything about it in a while.  
If you ever want something that "will only ship to the USA or Canada" let me know and you can get it through me.  (Although the darned shipping costs will be high I'm afraid.)  
What Groo comics do you have in India?  Is it just the American comics?  If Groo has been published in Hindi I may have to come over there!  Do you get Simpson comics?  Do you get Sergio Funnies?  Do you want to?  
It is very cool to hear from someone from India!  Take care,
Gary G.  (Official Groo Maniac)    

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Ah ok. 

I was hoping that the local Indian Comic Con guys bring him over for one of the next cons. I'll pester him silly to bring back the Groo game and maybe another run of those PVC sets (with Groo flailing his swords about). 


On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 12:10 AM, grimdel at yahoo.com <grimdel at yahoo.com> wrote:

I met Sergio at Comic Con a couple years ago.  He had a few packs for sale, and mentioned that its been out of print for years.  Your best bet is to hope that someone scanned the cards & rules, posted them on the internet, and print them out (or pester Sergio to reprint them)

But honestly, if you have the rules, you can probably play w/ the expansion pack as is (just need some dice & a stand-in for Groo).  If the game takes forever, and you & your friends are pulling out their hair as Groo levels every town, then your having the same experience.


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Hey there, 

I live in India. I've been looking for a set of the Groo Game and Groo Expansion pack to play. I love card games such as Munchkin and I've been long curious about the Groo game. 

I've checked online sites through different countries, and even left saved searches on each one for the game. I've even found someone selling the expansion, but without the original game, it's kind of pointless.

Do you guys have any suggestions?


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