[Groop] The next generation of Groo readers.

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Thank you for ruining yet another generation :)

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I've recently been re-reading my Groo collection, and the other day my son (who just turned 5 last weekend) picked up one of them from where I had set it down and started reading it!! It was #26 ("Arba and Dakarba"):).

 read the whole thing himself beginning to end (he is an excellent 
reader, far beyond his age level), and wanted more! I gave him #34, 35, 
36 (continuation of the "Amulet" storyline), which he read over the 
following day, and has now moved onto #40 ("The Glass Carafe"). There 
are a few words he doesn't know, but he really enjoys the comics 

Awesomeness! :) 
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