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Argghh!  I forgot to ask!   I'll put it on my list of things to ask for the next time I talk to him.  


I am getting hammered at work.  (As in too much work, not as in getting drunk.) But I'll have a little more Con stuff to report eventually.  Take care all,


Gary G. 

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Thanks for your update from SDCC!

Did Sergio mention anything about the Groo statues, which was announced by RokuToys a couple of years ago?

(They still do have the news about it at their website: http://rokutoys.com/news.htm)

- Dennis




Den 20-07-2013 06:04, Gary Grossmann skrev:

I haven't read the bleedingcool article, but here are the basics of future Groo:

Long awaited Groo v. Conan will probably be out around the first of the year.  Sergio is working on #4. 
Next, as has been reported before, comes Groo meets Tarzan.  This will be another 4 issues and I am assured it won't take 3 years to produce.
Then comes a 12 issue series; Friends & Foes, which has also been talked about for years.  It would most likely be every other month.  It would be way, way cool to get new Groo every other month for two years. 
Sergio & Mark had a meeting with Dark Horse Czar Mike Richardson today.                (There was no blood or police involvement so I assume everything is cool in that Department.)  
Sergio's health is great!  No Pain. No Cain. And I have seen some recent drawings and watched him in action.  He hasn't lost a thing.  His work is still fast, crisp, and very, very funny!!  
Take care all,  
Gary G. 
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