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Very cool, thanks again for taking care of the Groop and for this project. Mine has not arrived yet (NYC) and I cant wait to see it!





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   I have more unsold posters that are signed. If it is beyond rescue, we will replace it! I will be calling the people I know at the post office distribution center on Tuesday to see if we can get reimbursement for a destroyed shipment. I am hoping that they will provide a free pick up of the damaged package so that it can be returned as proof. As I said in my previous email to Joseph, keep the packaging and take a few pictures of the package and poster and send to me as soon as you can. We'll make it right. We do not want any disappointed Sergio fans out there!  
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      I was so pleased to see my poster had arrived the other day, but when I saw the package and saw that it had split open like one of those biscuit in a can things, I was a bit worried. Sure enough, after taking the poster out, it was bent up and had some damage to it. Since these were hand signed and numbered, I don't see how they could be replaced though. My roommate suggested I try and iron out the poster to get rid of the blemishes (using a towel as to not to damage the poster any more).       
 It is a beautiful poster! I am hoping I can get it frame worthy soon so I can properly display it. :)     
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