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I have a favor to ask of the Groopers at the Con. If anyone ends up with a spare souvenir booklet and program guide I'd like to arrange to have them sent to my friend and Disney historian/author Jim Korkis. Jim used to be a fixture at the Con when he lived in Southern California. He moved to Central Florida to assist his parents who wanted to retire to that area. He has worked in various capacities for Disney related entities which exist due to the proximity of Walt Disney World. And recently he found an honest publisher (not like the dubious character who published the Korkis/Cawley books of the 90s) and is doing books on various Disney topics (which Mark plugged in his blog as a thank you for Jim answering some questions relating to Saving Mr. Banks). But Jim misses the Con. Knowing that each year I would send him my copy of the souvenir book and program guide. He was always effusive in thanking me for doing that. Since I am not at the Con this year I was hoping to arrange for someone to send him the booklets. I know Jim will appreciate it greatly. If anyone can help e-mail me at dgabbard at hotmail.com and I'll provide the address and we can arrange for me to reimburse the postage. Thanks. Hope everyone at the Con is having a great time.
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Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 02:30:30 +0000
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Subject: [Groop] comicon request

Greetings to all at San Diego.  I hope you are having a great time. Any chance someone could check out the DC comics\ Mad magazine booth (#1915 I think) for things with Alfred E. Neuman \ MAD items.  I will gladly pay you to send them my way.Thanx, Mike Skinner

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