[Groop] 2014: A Very Groo Year

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Hi Mike!


I got the name wrong.  I'm sure you are correct and it is "Friends and Foes."  


He didn't mention the other things.  I don't know where Groo/Tarzan fits in with everything else these days, but after the experience with Groo/Conan I would imagine he wants more Groo out there first.  (As do we all!)  He is looking for a new publisher for Sergio Funnies.  My guess is he'll continue to do "Maggie's Crib" one and two pagers for Bongo and that you are correct about what "Shadows" is about.  Re the Kings reference, I have no idea.  


If I find out more I'll let everyone know.  Take care,


Gary G. 



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Besides these Groo related projects, Gary, did Sergio mention details anything else? I ask because on the opening page of Sergio Aragones Funnies #12, there is a to-do list taped to his desk which lists "Marginals", "Groo/Conan", "Simpsons", "Groo Friends and Foes" (I assume the name is now changed to "Friends and Enemies" based on your post below), "Funnies #13, 14, 15", "Groo/Tarzan". I've heard about all of the preceding, but it's the last two items on the list that I know nothing about..."Kings I-II-III" and "Shadows" (presumably related to his MAD feature "The Shadow Knows").


>>> Gary Grossmann <garyg5678 at live.com> 03/01/14 2:08 PM >>>

Sergio is completely healthy and 2014 will (finally!) be a big year for Groo!  

There is a three part, 8-page each Groo story coming out soon in successive issues of Dark Horse Presents.  I don't know which issues, but they are completely done, so it should be very soon.  
Groo vs. Conan is actually finished and the first issue will probably be released in July to coincide with San Diego and then the 3 months after that.
Then for the next 12 months, the long awaited Friends and Enemies Groo series will be issued.  Sergio is already working on it so he'll have the series half done by the time the first issue comes out in November.  
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